Become a Prime Ambassador!


What is a Prime Ambassador?

A Prime Ambassador is someone that works with us here at Prime Design and Print, helping us to spread the word about the quality products and service that we offer, while at the same time earning money!  You simply become our biggest advocate and spread the word about our products and services, talk to people that love the products you are wearing or using, chat to friends and family about their bespoke apparel needs.  Maybe you know someone that has a business and would make use of our corporate apparel, uniforms for them and their staff, maybe you know someone that likes to stand out in what they wear at the gym, something that not everyone can get hold of?

How Much Can I Earn?

Honestly - I have no idea!!

All I can tell you is that we don't restrict your earnings in any way - in fact we want you to go out and earn as much as possible, because if you earn - we earn!  For every order that you receive through the site, you will receive a commission payment. The commission rate is tiered so that you start out with 15% of the order value paid too you as a commission payment but once you hit our specific goals - you will add an extra 5% on top taking it to 20% of every order!

Want to discuss more about this opportunity?

Talk to us!  Contact us today and let us explain this opportunity a little more.  We will discuss the information you need to know and how you could turn this into a great little side hustle, a 2nd income or even into a new Full Time income!